Double Glass/ Power Vent Issue- Fireplace operates with wall switch, but not with SIT Remote

My fireplace will operate with the wall switch, but not the remote, what is going on?

  • First, we want to ensure that the SIT Remote and Receiver are paired. When turning on the fireplace with the remote, ensure that you hear the feedback beep from the receiver. If there is no beep, you will likely need to pair this remote.


  • If your remote and receiver are synced the fireplace will still not turn on from the remote, it is likely the AUX function on the remote is not turned on. To turn on the AUX function, press the power button at the top of the remote, then press the bottom button (Mode Key) to change modes. You will see a hand with a finger pointing (saying AUX at the top), press the down arrow until this function is set to “ON”.


  • We want to ensure this AUX function is turned on for every Flare Fireplace that has the Double Glass and/or Power Vent utilized with it. This will ensure that the fireplace will operate only when these features are working 100%.
  • If you have further issues, please contact your local dealer or reach out to a Flare Fireplace representative to assist with your fireplace needs.