***Flare Fireplaces sold with Double Glass or an optional Blower Kit require air intake below the glass. This allows air circulation which cools the external glass and increases the efficiency of the fireplace.***

Lower Air Intake – Optional for normal safety screen installation. Required for installation with double glass or safety screen with optional blower kit.

For fireplaces sized 80” & 100” – vent area must be at least 100 square inches.
For fireplaces sized 60” & 70” –
vent area must be at least 70 square inches.
For fireplaces sized 50” and below –
vent area must be at least 50 square inches.

NOTE: Openings above for Heat Release and Air Intake are measured for open air space.

***For See Through and Room Definer fireplaces, the air intake requirements are double.***

Install Manual Reference : Page 77

The lower vent opening can also be used as an access door to the gas valve & other components, if it meets the above size requirements. Lower vent opening/(s) can be installed at the sides of the enclosure (one on the left & one on the right), back or front. It is recommended to place one opening on all sides of longer units, to allow for better distribution across all fans of air taken in from the bottom.