Your remote will come paired with the fireplace receiver to allow for operation out of the box. In the event of a remote or receiver replacement, use the following procedure to pair the remote with the receiver:

Initializing the system for the first time

  • Install 3 AAA type batteries in the remote battery bay located on the remote back.
  • Press the SW1 button on the module see the following figure, the module will beep 3 times to indicate that it is ready to synchronize with the remote.
  • Press the ON/OFF button in the remote, the module will beep 4 times to indicate that the remote and the module are synchronized to each other.

Ignition Sequence

Starting from OFF, press the remote power button. Four seconds after it is pushed the SIT module will send spark to the pilot hood, and spark for 60 seconds. If there is no flame ignition during the first ignition sequence, the SIT module will stop sparking for approximately 35 seconds and then begin sparking again. The second attempt will spark for 60 seconds. If there is no positive ignition after the second sequence the SIT module will go into a Lock Out and the LED Indicator Light will blink three times in intervals until the system is reset.

– Ignition sequence will spark for 60 seconds, followed by a 35 second wait, 60 second spark and then lock out if flame is not ignited.

– The lock out will blink on the LED indicator light will blink three times.

Reset Using the Transmitter ON/OFF power button: Turn the system off by pressing the remote power button. After approximately 2 seconds press it again

Low Battery Condition (<4V) Remote Control: Battery icon will appear on LCD remote control display. Replace batteries.

Low Battery Condition (<4V) Battery Backup: Red LED Indicator will blink (1) time in intervals. Low double-beep emit-ted from SIT control module when it receives an ON/OFF command from the remote control. Replace Batteries.

Pilot Flame Error Condition: Red LED Indicator will blink (2) times in intervals. Contact your dealer if this occurs.

System Lock Out Condition: Red LED Indicator will blink (3) times in intervals. Make sure gas is turned on and sensor is not shorted. Follow Reset Using the Transmitter ON/OFF power button instructions above.