Mounting A Television Above Your Flare Fireplace

When referring to TV Installation, Flare Fireplaces create radiant heat which rises up into the chase & out a Heat Release into the room. This allows for a relatively low temperature on the external wall above the fireplace, & lets you mount a TV as close as 12″ above the glass. Follow the chart below for suggested installation of a TV above your fireplace. Reference Flare’s Install Manual for more details. Follow this link to see a video of a TV Installation above a Flare Fireplace.

• Please note that electric wiring used for the television must be insulated when installed below noncombustible
• It is critical when dealing with TV Installation that wiring insulation does not obstruct the hot air flow from the top of the chase.
• It is recommended to build a non-combustible double wall area behind the TV to allow cables, and other related material, so it can be
installed with less concern of blocking hot air flow.
• All wires MUST be secured and anchored to the frame to prevent any possibility of wires dropping on top of
the Fireplace.
• TV can be recessed when installed above the Fireplace or protected by a mantel.
• Wires should be inserted into the recess from the top or sides so you avoid proximity to the fireplace
vent in a TV Installation.


TV Installation


Above all when planning a TV recess, clearance to the vent in the chase is critical. You’ll need a minimum of 1” to the noncombustible recessed wall. This is to prevent heat from radiating from the vent to the recessed wall and being transferred to the TV. Due to the central location and diameter of the vent (8 inches), one of the following solutions may be necessary to maintain clearance requirements:

1. Install the fireplace with a recess up to 4” inches at the top of the glass, thus bringing the front wall out
and allowing for space to recess also the TV.

2. Install two 45 elbows directly above the fireplace followed by a minimum 4 ft vertical vent rise. The two small
elbows will move the vertical section back 5 5/8”. Finally, note the 1-inch clearance from the vent applies also to
the back non-combustible wall.

45 Degree Installation Guide

No Recess Installation Guide

*Please note most television manufactures and manuals will instruct the owner not to install television above or near a fireplace. Mounting a television above the fireplace is based on the owner’s decision and responsibility.*