The fireplace glass and surrounding surfaces can become extremely hot, even long after operation. Touching this hot glass can lead to serious burns, so Flare Fireplaces have been designed to offer the invisible mesh safety screen as a standard safety barrier. All of our fireplaces have been tested and approved by CSA to ensure the safety screens and barriers are effective in preventing burns.

The Invisible Mesh Safety Screen is the standard safety barrier on all Flare Fireplaces. This screen radiates about half of all the heat the fireplace makes through the screen, into the space. Perfect for creating that traditional fireplace feel without any risk of touching hot glass.

On fireplaces with no edge to edge glass like our Front Facing, See-Through, or Passage style fireplaces, the screen almost disappears. The frame is hidden within the body of the fireplace, making it less apparent there is something in your field of view. This along with the sheerness of the screen means you need to get within a few inches to see it exists in these situations.