Our Mission

Our Mission is more than simply leading the direct-vent fireplace industry with our modern frameless fireplaces. It’s about delivering an experience that revolves around education, understanding, and unparalleled customer support. With the highest expectations for safety, quality, and efficiency, we look to partner with amazing architects and designers to help bring what was once only imagination, into reality.

Our Promise

Our Promise is to always keep getting better. Whether it’s constantly evolving our products to be more efficient, easier to service and operate. To listening for feedback to create meaningful tools and documentation, helping technicians and our nationwide dealer network sell, service, and install our products effectively. We value the idea that nothing is perfect, and in order to stay relevant, you must focus on how to keep things simple and continue to refine process’ already in place.

Our Factory

Our Factory can be found at the heart of Israel, near Tel Aviv. Here we value bringing together cultures, ideas, and cutting edge technological innovations to our industry leading direct-vent fireplace manufacturing process. By using the best materials and upholding the highest quality standards, we have developed and brought to fruition, a product that is second to none.

AEC Daily

Continued Education is important to growth of all kinds. At Flare we believe knowledge is power so we offer free resources anyone can use to help educate themselves on the amazing possibilities direct-vent fireplaces offer. Our AEC Daily continued education course is one of the many tools architects, designers, custom home builders, or end customers can use to truly understand the benefits, challenges, and magic of these modern fireplaces.

Our Contact

Flare Fireplaces

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