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Modern Double Corner Frameless Fireplace

  • Flare Double Corner 30" Fireplace with a 24" High Glass
  • Flare Double Corner 80" Fireplace
  • Flare Double Corner 70" Fireplace
  • Flare Double Corner 60" Fireplace with Invisible Mesh Screen
  • Flare Double Corner 45" Fireplace with Invisible Mesh Screen
  • Flare Double Corner 50" Fireplace
  • Flare Double Corner 50" Fireplace
  • Flare Double Corner 80" Fireplace with Invisible Mesh Screen

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Frameless Flare Double Corner Modern Fireplace Is Available In 8 Different Length 16″ Or 24″ Opening

    The modern fireplace has been reinvented with amazing new corner fireplace units. With multiple viewing angles, you can enjoy your left, right or double corner fireplace in any room, from almost any perspective. Thanks to an amazing glass-to-glass technology, you aren’t hindered by unsightly metal bars or large frames. This gives you a crystal-clear line of sight to the flame— no matter where you are in the room.

   The new double corner fireplace, with it’s minimalist modern design, is installed next to a wall, as opposed to the more traditional in-wall installation. This is due to the three-sided frame-less design . This allows for a fast & easy installation, needing to only build above the fireplace.

   With projects ranging from smaller bathrooms & kitchens, to larger living spaces, or  hotel lobbies and restaurants, it is even more important to offer an extensive range of lengths, and glass heights. Flare’s corner units come in 16″ & 24″ high viewing windows, and lengths of 30″ – 100″,  making it the most versatile direct vent fireplace on the market.

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Model name – Reflects approximate unit size

C – Reflects glass height

A – Reflects full unit width

H – Reflects height of fireplace, minus 4″ legs

B – Reflects screen or glass width

E – Reflects direct-vent pipe size needed

All units are certified and approved by CSA to be installed in North America,

including in the state of California Massachusetts.


Flare-DC-10099 8/16"99 5/16"16"28"5"x8"
Flare-DC-8082 9/16"82 6/16"16"28"5"x8"
Flare-DC-7069 15/16"69 13/16"16"28"5"x8"
Flare-DC-6060 2/16"59 15/16"16"28"5"x8"
Flare-DC-5050 4/16"50 2/16"16"28"5"x8"
Flare-DC-4543 9/16"43 7/16"16"28"4"x6"
Flare-DC-3030 9/16"30 7/16"24"35 14/16"4"x6"
Flare-DC-100-H99 8/16"99 5/16"24"35 14/16"5"x8"
Flare-DC-80-H82 9/16"82 6/16"24"35 14/16"5"x8"
Flare-DC-70-H69 15/16"69 13/16"24"35 14/16"5"x8"
Flare-DC-60-H60 2/16"59 15/16"24"35 14/16"5"x8"
Flare-DC-50-H50 4/16"50 2/16"24"35 14/16"5"x8"
Flare-DC-45-H43 9/16"43 7/16"24"35 14/16"4"x6"

Flare Fireplaces SketchUP Files:

    • SketchUP – Flare-DC-30-H
    • SketchUP – Flare-DC-45
    • SketchUP – Flare-DC-45-H
    • SketchUP – Flare-DC-50
    • SketchUP – Flare-DC-50-H
    • SketchUP – Flare-DC-60
    • SketchUP – Flare-DC-60-H
    • SketchUP – Flare-DC-70
    • SketchUP – Flare-DC-70-H
    • SketchUP – Flare-DC-80
    • SketchUP – Flare-DC-80-H
    • SketchUP – Flare-DC-100
    • SketchUP – Flare-DC-100-H

    Accessories CAD Files:

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    linear fireplace

    Linear Design

    The linear direct vent fireplace is designed to appear longer across your space, creating the appearance of your fireplace hanging effortlessly in your wall. The term “linear fireplace” is used to describe the long rectangular glass opening and can be specified by length and glass height.

    Home automation for modern fireplace

    Home Automation

    The modern electronic gas valves equipped on all Flare Fireplaces enable your fireplace to be integrated into a new or pre-existing home automation system. Using signal relays brought to the fireplace, you can control your Flare using your Home Automation hub to control turning your fireplace on and off and adjust flame height.


    Advanced 3D Burner

    Unlike a traditional pipe burner, Flare’s 3D stainless steel burners create a deeper, taller flame that extends closer to the sides of the fireplace, allowing for a more dynamic, natural look that runs almost end-to-end in your fireplace.


    Multicolor LED Lighting

    The optional multicolor LED kit lights up your firebox with any color in the spectrum using the included remote. Set the color and the memory will remember your choice each time you power the unit on or off. You can also power the lights independently to use the lights regardless of if the fireplace is on.


    Summer Kit Heat Control System

    The optional Summer Kit is used to control the heat output of your double glass equipped Flare Fireplace. Have it dump your heat whenever the fireplace is turned on or set it to come on with a switch when you want to show off your Flare, but not the heat.


    Wall Timer

    Optional wall timers are available with every fireplace in either digital or analog design.


    Battery Backup

    Operate your screened Flare Fireplace, with no blowers, when the power goes out. Four AA batteries can keep your fireplace functioning for up to two years.


    Remote Control

    Every residential Flare Fireplace ships standard with a user friendly remote. This remote allows you to control the flame height, thermostat, and timer functionality built into your Flare Fireplace valve system.

    Power Vent

    Optional Power Vent

    In the rare case you need to Power Vent your Flare fireplace we have three options to fit any application. Use our optional Power Vent in application that have an extremely long vent run, or when you need to drag your run under the fireplace.


    Multiple Glass Heights

    Flare not only offers linear fireplaces in lengths ranging from 30″ up to 400″, but we also offer multiple glass heights.16″, 24″, and 30″ heights are available in our Front Facing, See Through, & Room Definer lineup. With 16″ and 24″ available across the entire lineup.


    Optional Double Glass

    Flare Fireplaces offers a cooler touch Double Glass, which functions without the need of a power vent, across our entire lineup. This safety barrier is perfect when you are looking to achieve that crystal clear viewing window to your flame.


    Power Supply

    Flare Fireplaces all ship with a power supply as part of your purchase.


    Wall Switch

    All residential Flare Fireplaces ship standard with a simple Wall Switch as part of the purchase.

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