Flare Modern Gas Fireplace Gallery

   A picture is worth a thousand words, and Flare’s Fireplace Gallery is where you’ll find incredible projects from around the country. Most importantly, the gallery offers a vivid look into how our fireplaces truly burn while showcasing their installation versatility. With so many custom options the gallery can help find an installation method that fits your style. Easily inspire your own Flare fireplace experience while looking through our high quality images. With 6 unique styles & 7 lengths, Flare offers the most modern features for any direct vent fireplace. You’ll be sure to find the Flare that fits your needs.

A Modern Gas Fireplace That Suits Your Style

Every unit we stock is certified and approved by the CSA. For more information on our home and commercial fireplaces, which heat using electronic ignition (and use battery backup in case of a power outage), the types available, and options, contact us online at [email protected] or call 866-639-1590.