Flare Large– Front Facing – Modern Linear Fireplace

Front Facing Long unit associated with Model Size Chart

Flare Large– Front Facing – Modern Linear Fireplace

Indoor steel fireplace line. Perfect in any Commercial or Custom Residential setting. Framless design, luxurious look , Linear gas Fireplace.

All units are certified and approved by CSA to be installed in North America,

including in the state of California Massachusetts.


Flare-FF-120115 1/16"110 3/16"16"31 15/16"(2) 5x8"
Flare-FF-140134 12/16"129 14/16"16"31 15/16"(2) 5x8"
Flare-FF-160159 15/16"155 2/16"16"31 15/16"(2) 5x8"
Flare-FF-180170 1/16"165 3/16"16"31 15/16"(3) 5x8"
Flare-FF-200193 12/16"188 15/16"16"31 15/16"(2) 5x8"
Flare-FF-210199 9/16"194 12/16"16"31 15/16"(3) 5x8"
Flare-FF-240237 6/16"232 9/16"16"31 15/16"(3) 5x8"
Flare-FF-280264 7/16"259 9/16"16"31 15/16"(4) 5x8"
Flare-FF-300288 2/16"283 5/16"16"31 15/16"(3) 5x8"
Flare-FF-320314 13/16" 310"16"31 15/16"(4) 5x8"
Flare-FF-340331 12/16"327" 16"31 15/16"(5) 5x8"
Flare-FF-400382 8/16"377 11/16"16"31 15/16"(4) 5x8"
Flare-FF-120-H115 1/16"110 3/16"24"39 13/16"(2) 5x8"
Flare-FF-140-H134 12/16"129 14/16"24"39 13/16"(2) 5x8"
Flare-FF-160-H159 15/16"155 2/16"24"39 13/16"(2) 5x8"
Flare-FF-180-H170 1/16"165 3/16"24"39 13/16"(3) 5x8"
Flare-FF-200-H193 12/16"188 15/16"24"39 13/16"(2) 5x8"
Flare-FF-210-H199 9/16"194 12/16"24"39 13/16"(3) 5x8"
Flare-FF-240-H237 6/16"232 9/16"24"39 13/16"(3) 5x8"
Flare-FF-280-H264 7/16"259 9/16"24"39 13/16"(4) 5x8"
Flare-FF-300-H288 2/16"283 5/16"24"39 13/16"(3) 5x8"
Flare-FF-320-H314 13/16" 310"24"39 13/16"(4) 5x8"
Flare-FF-340-H331 12/16"327" 24" 39 13/16"(5) 5x8"
Flare-FF-400-H382 8/16"377 11/16"24"39 13/16"(4) 5x8"

Media Options


linear fireplace

Linear Design

The linear gas fireplace is designed to apper longer over the wall projecting rectangular opening. The name “linear fireplace,” is used for the fireplace, because it can be specified by linear foot. For example, Flare 3ft, Flare 4ft or Flare 8ft. When specifying and referring to a linear fireplace, it mostly refers to a rectangular shaped fireplace.

Electric wallswicth

Electric Wall Switch

The Outdoor Ventfree Fireplace is controlled by any GFI Electric Wall switch

Phone application for modern fireplace

Stainless Steal outdoor

The Flare Firepalce vent less is constructed from stainless steal metal design and approved for outdoor application.

Home automation for modern fireplace

Home Automation

Modern homes are hard to control. As technology advances, the number of controlled devices increases. The Flare linear modern fireplace presents a way to connect the system to a home automation process in order to control it as part of the house, and not only with a dedicated remote.

Flare modern fireplace with broken glass media

Corner Fireplace

Corner and Double Corner ( three sides fireplace )  frameless slim contemporary fireplace design with glass to glass windgard.

Flare Led feature

Multi Color LED Lighting Option 

Multi color interior RGB LED lighting.Allows perfect flames view across a bed of crushed glass, illuminated by LED under lighting.