The Flare Outdoor Kit is the perfect solution for adding weather resistance to the face of any See-Through or Passage style fireplace in our lineup. With a properly sized overhang or roof, the Outdoor Kit attaches to the face of your fireplace with ease, allowing you to create a unique Indoor to Outdoor experience.

Flare Fireplaces Outdoor Kit Drawing

Flare Fireplaces Outdoor Kit

The Outdoor Kit is attached to the face of your fireplace, allowing you to frame and finish down to it like any standard window in covered or overhang style projects. All while maintaining the modern frameless design we are known for.

How To Attach Your Outdoor Kit

How To Finish Around Your Outdoor Kit

Outdoor Kit Drawing

Outdoor Kit Parts List

Overhang Requirements

Glass and Screen Placement

Indoor/Outdoor See-Through 100, with 24″ High Glass | Madison, WI.


Flare See-Through 100


Flare See-Through 100