Heat Barrier  – Double Glass Option

Frameless solution for residential or commercial use

double glass heat barrier option

All of our products come with an optional double glass upgrade. In this design, the standard invisible mesh safety screen is replaced with a second pane of glass, creating an airgap in between two panes of glass. Blower fans below the panes of glass send cool air up between the panes, reducing the temperature of the outer glass to a temperature of under 172 degrees, making it safe for a brief touch. Now you can get the same sleek look without a protective screen.

The double glass feature does not changing any external dimensions or the framing requirements for the fireplace, nor does it require power venting. Our commercial units come with double glass as a standard feature. All of this results in an easy and straightforward installation procedure. Quiet and efficient, the double glass feature is the perfect solution for commercial applications that require additional safety.