The Cool Touch Wall allows you to safely mount a television or art piece closer to the edge of the glass compared with traditional fireplaces. Allowing for more ergonomic designs, and eliminating the need to strain your neck to enjoy both your TV and your Flare Fireplace.


The Cool Wall feature is made possible by Flare Fireplaces unique design. Our fireplaces warm your home efficiently while minimizing heat transfer to surrounding surfaces by implementing a visible, or hidden, heat release. Lower temperatures around the face of the fireplace give you freedom to design your space without the worry of long-term exposure to high heat. With traditional fireplaces, large amounts of heat escape into the surrounding walls, hearth or chimney. Brick and excessive insulation are usually needed to contain the heat. Our fireplaces direct heat straight into the room and away from surrounding surfaces so your walls stay relatively cool while maintaining the same heat output. A more efficient fireplace means you’ll spend less to heat your home.





Things like heat damage, viewing angle, and ceiling height present obstacles when mounting a TV above a traditional fireplace. Flare Fireplaces Cool Touch Wall feature provides the easiest and best solution by creating a visible or hidden heat release. Heat radiating from traditional fireplaces can be extremely high in temperature. To avoid heat damage, TVs are usually mounted high on the wall, but this is less than ideal. Looking up at your TV can cause neck strains and the picture quality may be worse because of your viewing angle. With traditional fireplaces there is also smoke and soot escaping into your space. These can leave harmful residue on your TV and appliances. Where as Flare Fireplaces closed combustion direct vent design eliminates all these problems at once.

Flare Fireplaces produce less radiant heat, instead heating up your room by circulating warm air above the TV. Our fireplaces are sealed so smoke and soot can only exit through the vent terminating outside of the home. The Cool Touch Wall allows you to hang your TV lower and use zero insulation when compared with a traditional fireplace, saving you time, money, and effort.

For more information on the problems of mounting a TV above a fireplace see the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) websites. See our manual for instructions on mounting a television and clearance information.