Linear Fireplace – Modern & Frameless

Very popular for both commercial and residential spaces, linear fireplaces are designed to be spread across the length of the wall and have a rectangular opening for the flame.

Linear Frameless Fireplaces Features:

Linear frameless fireplaces also referred to as modern fireplaces or rectangular fireplaces, are one of the many types of gas fireplaces available on the market. They are fueled by natural gas or propane and may be installed in indoor or outdoor spaces. Linear frameless fireplaces are designed to be flushed or recessed, with the covering material right up to the glass as long as the fireplace includes the Flare Cool Touch Wall Technology.

Sleek, rectangular shape and opening over the wall, the slim and clean face create a stunning, eye-catching look. The simple, minimalist and modern frameless design ensures that nothing around the fireplace opening will catch the eye and disrupt the overall design of the room.

How tall is the glass opening?

While there are many important factors to consider when choosing a fireplace, one of the most important features of a modern linear gas fireplace is the height of the glass opening. If the rectangular fireplace opening is too narrow, the view to the flame will be limited. A small fireplace opening will also force the fireplace to be installed in the center of the wall, as apposed to installation on a lower part of the wall. It is important to make sure the fireplace in the design includes a glass opening of at least 16″, though the final size will depend on the linear fireplace proportions desired and the space where the fireplace will be installed (See-Though Fireplaces and corner fireplace are normally ordered with 24″ glass).

Typical Features of Linear Fireplaces include:

  • High glass opening: 16″ or 24″.
  • Corner modern gas fireplaces: frameless and with a glass-to-glass connection.
  • A heat barrier such as Cool Touch Glass or screen.
  • Fireplace length available in 25″ to 100″
  • Direct vent – natural gas or propane. residential fireplaces or commercial fireplaces.
  • See-Through fireplaces can connect two rooms.
  • Indoor-outdoor option for See-Through Fireplaces.
  • Home automation options and Phone application control.
  • LED option to enhance the look of the firebox.
  • Both traditional and modern options for fire media, such as stones, glass, and wood.

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Linear frameless double corner fireplace burning