Modern homes are hard to control. As technology advances, the number of controlled devices increases. The new Flare linear fireplace presents a way to connect the system to a home automation process in order to control it as part of the house, and not only with a dedicated remote.

The integration of home automation does not bypass the physical shut off that is installed with any fireplace but will allow a more central way to control the system without looking for the remote in the couch. It can also be operated in parallel to the Flare Remote or Myfire smart control application.

The Flare Fireplace home automation tools does not limit the home owner or operator to a specific home automation type. It is tested and verified with Control 4 and many other systems.

Every Flare Fireplace is sold as “Home Automation ready”. The Flare installation manual specifies in details, the home automation pin layout for starting the fireplace, shutting off and flame height control.

Fireplace Modes of Operation

Mode 1 – the Home Automation provides “ON“ and “OFF“ operation only. The remote-control handset provides all other functions. Note: Even if the fire is switched on by the external source, the handset, in the thermostatic mode, controls the room temperature.

The room temperature setting of the handset will remain the same for the next ON-cycle of the external source as long as the temperature setting in the handset has not been changed. If the handset is in manual mode, it will go to High Fire in the next cycle of external operation.

Temperature control for a modern home

Mode 2 – The handset must be set to the manual mode if the external source is to control the room temperature. The home automation will control the fireplace ON/OFF and flame power based on the room temperature measured by the home automation system. If the handset is placed in the thermostatic mode it will override the external source.

In Conclusion

Modern fireplaces must present a way to interact with the home ecosystem. Central control can allow the fireplace to start, stop, increase and decrease flame height, as part of all other central heating solution in the house. Home Automation system should also allow the user the control over the fireplace, without the need to look for the remote in the sofa.