The optional Flare Fireplaces RGB LED light kit can be used to add your own unique style to the inside of your Flare Fireplace. Whether it’s accentuating the natural glow of embers with red or orange coloring, or turning the inside of your Flare Fireplace into a disco with strobing blues and greens. Let the inside of your Flare Fireplace express your unique style at the turn of a color wheel.

The Flare Fireplaces RGB LED light kits are the perfect way to showcase your unique style and make a statement inside your Flare Fireplace. The RGB LED light kit open up the possibility of not only designing the space around your fireplace, but the inside your fireplace too. With a simple turn of the color wheel you can accentuate the already natural flame presentation with red or orange colors shining through the underside of your burner. If you are trying to match your rooms throw pillows, start a disco, or express your current mood the RGB LED light kit is a phenomenal way to choose a color for any occasion. Set it and forget it, create themes, or rotate colors throughout the day. With the Flare Fireplaces optional RGB LED light kit the possibilities are only limited by your creativity.

  • Set and save your color option using built-in controller memory.

  • Every color in the spectrum at the turn of a color wheel.

  • Strobe, cycle, dim, or rotate the lights to show your unique style.

  • Power your LEDs independent of the Fireplace operation.

  • Easy to use touch remote included with kit.

  • Optional upgrade, available across our entire lineup.

  • Use red, yellow, and orange lights to enhance natural glow.