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Al Cast Al Cast

What a great customer service I got from Kyle Brooks who gave me the right tip on why my fireplace wasn't turning on and save me an additional $1,000 bill from the closest service company in Portland (which BTW never called me). Good job Kyle.

Constance Anastopoulo Constance Anastopoulo

I have dealt with Kyle at the manufacturer and he has been so helpful and responsive. Great customer service!

Matthew Muller Matthew Muller

While we worked through a selection decision on various Flare models and options, Kyle was remarkable with his responsiveness and level of customer service. Exceeded my expectations (which were high given this premier product line)! We are excited about the install, and feel great about the purchase and process knowing Kyle is available. Keep up the great work Kyle, you are a credit to the Flare Fireplace family.

Josh Amsel Josh Amsel

The customer service we received from Kyle was outstanding! Our new Flare fireplace looks beautiful and Kyle has been availability to answer all of our questions and solve all of our issues during the installation process. He went above and beyond to help us. Thanks Kyle!

Andrew Maudsley Andrew Maudsley

I installed the see-through ST50 in a column with venetian plaster and it looks and works great.
I would recommend it, but I had two problems that may be helpful for others.
First, the installer (from the store where we bought it) didn't seem to know how to deal with the vent at the top. Initially they made a mess of the job and you could clearly see the ducting and the light coming from the other side. Fortunately my contractor was able to fix the ceiling around the frame. I then decided to put in a 2" grill on both sides (from Architectural Grille, see photo) which worked out well, though added $411 to the cost. An added benefit to this grill is that we plan to hang a piece of artwork from it using nylon.
Second, the plasterer used masking tape (the blue type that painters use all the time) to avoid messing up the frame - a sensible thing to do. When this came off it pulled off the paint from the frame in several areas. A guy that came to fix it said that this was to be expected for the heat resistant paint, but nowhere in any documentation do they warn against this and in my view this shouldn't happen.
Other observations
- I had the birch wood interior, which comes standard with 5 pieces. This wasn't enough, so I bought an additional set and added another 3 pieces.
- I am using propane. Apparently this gives off more soot and you need to get it cleaned every year, but I had a visibly sooty area on just one side after relatively little use. Apparently placement of the fake wood interior can cause this.

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