SIT ProFlame 2 Remote

With the partnership of SIT ProFlame gas valves, Flare Fireplaces’ linear fireplaces have become even more user friendly and reliable. The SIT ProFlame valve comes with all the features you expect from a modern gas fireplace such as thermostat mode, adjustable flame height and key lock.

SIT ProFlame 2 Wall Switch

Flare Fireplaces fixed with a SIT ProFlame valve will also be sent with an On/Off Toggle switch. This toggle switch is a terrific option for residential or commercial applications as the switch wires can be extended and mounted in any convenient location for centralized control.

Remote or Wall Switch?

With both components being standard shipped and included with your unit, you will have the ability to control your fireplace with either feature. Keep in mind, the fireplace will only respond to one of these functions per sequence. If there is ever confusion on which device is controlling your unit at a time, simply turn the remote control and the wall switch off. You can also utilize the chart below to determine whether the remote or the wall switch will control your unit under what circumstances. Have additional questions? Feel free to call our support line, or email us your questions at [email protected]