F-04 is an error code that will flash on your Symac GV60 Maxitrol Flare remote when the valve fails to receive the message that the thermocouple has been warmed by the pilot light. This failure can have multiple different causes.

Gas Flow

Confirm that gas is flowing to the unit. This can be done by confirming that the main manual gas valve is open, or removing the glass and confirming that gas is flowing through the pilot. If gas is not flowing to the pilot it can be an indication that the gas is either not on, or that there is a problem at the valve such as a disconnected pilot tube, or a clogged pilot tube or valve. If gas is flowing to the valve but not releasing to the pilot, try re-syncing the remote and receiver. (see the flare install manual for the procedure.)

Ignition Spark

The second thing to confirm is the presence of sparking of the ignition at the pilot flame. There have been instances where the spark cable has been disconnected from the spark plug or receiver, or a break has formed in the cable exposing the wire. Even though you hear the unit sparking, it may just be sparking underneath the fireplace and not at the pilot. This can be done by looking through the holes in the pilot cover or by taking a look under the pilot hood for the indicating flash of spark.

Clear Pilot Openings

The third thing to confirm is that no media has become lodged under the pilot hood causing a blockage at the pilot opening which will not allow gas to be released and come in contact with the spark.

Check the Thermocouple

The last thing to check is to make sure the thermocouple isn’t broken, kinked or that lead ball inside the valve at the end of the thermocouple has not been over tightened and crushed.

For all above steps contact your authorized fireplace installer for assistance.


GV60 | F04 ERROR