Flare Fireplaces – Myfire© Smart Control Phone Application

Flare frameless, linear fireplaces with phone or tablet smart application

Making the impossible – modern & comfortable

Myfire© Smart Control phone application allows full control of your new modern linear gas fireplace using a smart hand-held device.

Used in conjunction with the Flare remote or wall switch, the Myfire© app makes it possible for users to control multiple fireplaces at the house or business with a hand-held Apple or Android device with colorful, intuitive graphics.

With an emphasis on technology and performance, the Myfire© app allows for total control of the Flare powerful fireplace functions that include the new Eco mode, program mode, thermostatic mode (fahrenheit or celsius ) and countdown timer.

The Myfire© application made possible with Wi-Fi adapter that connects and integrates to the Flare Fireplaces control system, for safety screen or double glass units, with or without power vent systems.

The Smart Control system can be ordered with any new Flare Fireplace. Any already installed system can be retrofitted to support the feature.

The Flare Myfire© phone application can be used in addition to the wall switch, remote and home automation already integrated in the house.

Available for home and commercial systems, can be used as an alternative or in conjunction to the remote control.

Flare Front with Cool Touch Wall

Myfire© Smart Control – Flare Fireplaces – Phone or Tablet Application

Myfire© – Phone Or Tablet App

The  Myfire© app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play at no cost but does require the fireplace Wi-Fi adapter in order to operate with your new modern fireplace.

For more information on how to use the app to control your new frameless stylish fireplace, watch the following video:

Order your new Myfire©, smart control, for your frameless modern linear fireplace from Flare Fireplaces with the following part names:

Wifi-control-GV60 – WIFI controller for the Myfire application

2way-reciver-GV60 – WIFI ready receiver

2way-remote-GV60 – Wifi ready remote

Wifi-cable-GV60 – Wifi cable


Myfire© app operation instructions 

MyFire© Wi-Fi Connection Diagram