Controlling Your SIT ProFlame 2 Fireplace

SIT ProFlame 2 Remote With the partnership of SIT ProFlame gas valves, Flare Fireplaces' linear fireplaces have become even more user friendly and reliable. The SIT ProFlame valve comes with all the features you expect from a modern gas fireplace such as thermostat mode, adjustable flame height and key lock. SIT ProFlame 2 Wall Switch

Excessive Soot Buildup

Soot is a product of incomplete combustion of gas within your fireplace. With all gas fireplaces soot will be generated in small amounts but some instances excessive quantities may be generated during operation. Sooting is generally an easy to resolve problem and there are several potential solutions as listed below. Inlet Pressure Always ensure that

F-04 Code On Your Remote

F-04 is an error code that will flash on your Symac GV60 Maxitrol Flare remote when the valve fails to receive the message that the thermocouple has been warmed by the pilot light. This failure can have multiple different causes. Gas Flow Confirm that gas is flowing to the unit. This can be done by

Heat Release Requirements / Output Temperature

All Flare Fireplaces require a heat release The heat release is an air outlet that helps relieve radiant heat created by the top of the fireplace. The heat collects in the fireplace chase and, through natural convection, rises up and out of the release opening. The heat release outlet for hot airflow from the wall

Gas Type Conversion – NG & LPG – Linear Gas Fireplace

*** Please consult specific unit spec sheet listed on PRODUCTS page of website to confirm proper orifice sizing prior to conversion or replacing orifice *** Fireplace gas type conversion– NG to LPG- Orifice replacement Flare Fireplaces can be easily converted from NG to LPG. When you place your order for a fireplace, include the gas

TV Installation Guide

Mounting A Television Above Your Flare Fireplace When referring to TV Installation, Flare Fireplaces create radiant heat which rises up into the chase & out a Heat Release into the room. This allows for a relatively low temperature on the external wall above the fireplace, & lets you mount a TV as close as

Commercial System & Residential System

Commercial & Residential Flare Fireplaces   Because Flare wants to fit as many projects as possible, we offer the ability to install both the Commercial System & Residential System. Most importantly giving flexibility for many more projects, providing another level of convenience to our customers. Below you can learn the differences between the Commercial &

Installing warm white LEDs

Flare has discontinued the Warm White LED lights in favor of the RGB-LEDs      Warm white LED lights are one of the many modern features available on your Flare. These lights are optional add a vivid glow, creating an amazing scene inside your fireplace. So whether you want a more modern look or a more traditional

Celsius to Fahrenheit on Flare Remote

Celsius to Fahrenheit On Flare Remote   Changing Celsius to Fahrenheit, & vice versa, on the Flare 8-Button remote can be done by pressing the ON and Counter down button. Because Flare also serves the Canadien Market it is important to offer both units seamlessly. For a clear outline of the process see the image below.

Duravent Install & Frame Cut-Out

Duravent Install & Frame Cut-Out Duravent is one of two venting manufacturers certified to work with Flare Fireplaces. The flue pipe should be 3x5, 4x6, or 5x8 diameter concentric pipe, B-Vent will not work. Below you will find the specific cut-out size for each component. Finally, use the chart to verify the cut-out dimensions for your

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Flare is a Top rated company to work with. Professional , courteous and knowledgeable staff always going that extra step! They are always able to answer any questions, help with any applications and deliver the product fast and efficiently. There products are top of the line and a pleasure to install and work with. Very proud to be able to offer the line to my clients!.
Michael Melahn, NFI certified dealer
Kelli Gibson, Architecture firm
I work at an Architecture firm and called for some technical assistance on a room-dividing unit. In the past, other companies have just answered my questions with as little detail as possible just to get off the phone. The guy who answered my phone call at Flare Fireplaces (Kyle) went above and beyond and walked me through the entire set up of the unit, toured me through different diagrams on the website so I could visually see what he had explained, and then followed up with an email with EVERYTHING I needed. I tend to ask a lot of questions, and I never once felt like he was annoyed or that he was trying to pawn me off. I never leave 'reviews', but this was such a positive experience, I had to leave one. You can tell this is a great company and the employees are very passionate about their product. I highly recommend!.
Flare Fireplaces is where innovation, quality and luxury come together to form new ideas. By combining superior raw materials, contemporary design, creative technology and a frameless way of thinking we have created a full line of indoor & outdoor linear, modern fireplaces that are luxurious, simple to operate, and efficient.
Simplification and Quality makes a better lasting product.
We will continue to listen to our customers , dealers and distributors to make sure we update,change and improve our product to create the best liner fireplace on the market.
Modern custom fireplaces for homes and businesses.Flare Fireplaces offers 85 different models of linear fireplaces. For customers looking for the best modern fireplace, see-through, indoor, outdoor, or corner fireplace, we offer the most extensive selection. Our models are available in lengths of up to over 100 inches and in glass heights of 16, 24, and 30 inches. Flare Fireplaces also offers custom fireplace made to order based on your requirements. .

Linear Fireplaces

Linear fireplace
The linear gas fireplace is designed to show longer over the wall projecting rectangular opening. The name “linear fireplace,” is used for the fireplace, because it can be specified by linear foot. For example, Flare 3ft, Flare 4ft or Flare 8ft. When specifying and referring to a linear fireplace, it mostly refers to a rectangular shaped fireplace. Read more and learn on what feature really matters for linear fireplaces.