Modern Gas Fireplace

Fireplaces were a constant and dominant feature of Frank Lloyd Wright’s homes. In all, he designed more than one thousand, each meant to anchor the home architecturally and spiritually. With the inclusion of the Flare Double Corner Direct Vent Fireplace, we were able to tie together the two powerful ideals Frank believed gave a fireplace and space, life.

The Before
The Concept


This Modern Mid-Century home-remodel all started with a conversation, and a concept. By recognizing the current fireplace didn’t speak the design language of the rest of the home, we took to identifying a fireplace style that exponentially increased the firebox viewing potential. By having three glass faces, the Flare Double Corner Fireplace showcases the natural flame from almost any angle. Creating a room where the heart of the home can be enjoyed from any perspective.

The Realization

The longer I live,

the more beautiful

life becomes..”

-Frank Lloyd Wright

The BeforeThe Realization

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