Soot Production: Results from the incomplete burning of chemicals within your fireplace. With that said, many of the issues to be diagnosed will easily be rectified by ensuring the cleanest possible conditions exist within the fireplace during operation. Flare has several ways that it can be rectified if an issue exists.

Inlet pressure-

  • Always ensure that the inlet gas pressure matches the Flare requirement on the unit Specification file. This issue generally arises when the inlet gas pressure is too high, causing too much product into the valve/burner to be completely burned during combustion. It is this product that does not fully burn that collects and deposits within your firebox and stains over time.

Air Shutter-

  • The air shutter is responsible for balancing the mixture of air and gas during combustion. Please note: on units 60” or larger, there are 3 air shutters that must be adjusted to ensure the cleanest burn possible. The Air Shutters can be adjusted when the fireplace is originally placed in it’s cavity under the unit. Adjustment screws are shown circled in red. If adjustment needs to be made after fireplace has had finishing material, this can be done within the fireplace using a Phillips Head screwdriver.

Media Arrangement-

  • Please pay close and careful attention to the arrangement of your media over the burner port. While Flare supports covering the full base of the firebox with crushed glass, small fragments of media can clog the small ports that gas is channeled through, causing incomplete product burning. With drift wood, logs and branches; placing branches to arch over the burner ports can also cause bi-product which is normally pulled out of the fireplace through the Coaxial pipe to become trapped under the branch/driftwood. Ensure bends are pointed down if placement across port is required to ensure the most chemical waste can be removed from the firebox post combustion

Vent Run Verification-

  • If a fireplace is installed and an unsupported vent run is utilized, there are several issues that could result, one of which would be sooting. If your fireplace does not allow for the products of combustion to exit the firebox as effectively as fresh air is brought in, pockets of the residual waste could collect in the unit storing the dark and harmful debris. Please verify that you consult the Flare Installation Manual and consult the chimney paths section for supported vent runs. If you have questions about a particular path, please reach out to Flare support for clarification and approval.

Vent Restrictor-

  • Your vent restrictor is utilized to restrict the speed at which fresh air is brought into the fireplace and products of combustion are removed. If there is not a balance in this closed combustion environment, soot is one possible result. Vent restrictor can be adjusted on all of Flare Fireplaces appliances.