Air shutter adjustment – The correct fuel-air mixture in your Flare Fireplace produces blue base flame with yellow tips, with minimal soot buildup. The Fuel-air mixture can be set by the installer using the air shutter adjustment.
  • Air shutter adjustment can be done from outside the fireplace. Access is from under the unit. See figures 1 below. Adjustment can be done with the fireplace running. Please note that during adjustment the flame may momentarily increase in intensity.
  • If the fireplace finish around the fireplace does not allow access to the air shutter adjustment under the fireplace, the adjustment can be done from inside the fireplace, on the burner. see figures 2.
Please note that Flare 60 and above will have 3 burners. Every burner will have a separate air shutter.
The Air shutter does come pre-set from the factory for natural gas. Adjust the Air shutter if the Air to Fuel mixture is not correct:
  • Flame is Yellow or orange producing soot ( low air leading to a rich flame) – Introduce more air by turning clockwise.
  • Flame is very blue (too much air) – Reduce the air by turning counter clockwise.
Common reason air shutter adjustment may be needed:
  • LP conversion has been done.
  • High above sea level installation. High elevation with low oxygen in the air.
  • Soot buildup on the glass or termination cap.
In all cases, it is recommended to verify inlet pressure, to match recommended values, in addition to setting the air shutter on the burner.

Idle clean flame will have a blue base flame with yellow tips.