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The Diagram shows how to mount a TV above your Flare fireplace without a recess across the top. This will give you the ability to move the TV to the height that best suits your taste, as well as upgrade the size of your TV if necessary.

TV mount above fireplace no top recess

Depending on the unit size and BTU , heat release location on the wall, The heat can be up to 180 degrees F


The Flare Fireplace frameless design directs the heat from the fireplace into the fireplace chase to be released from the top heat release. The design allows for relatively low temperature on the external wall above the fireplace.

  • A TV may be installed no lower than 11 inches from the top of the glass on the fireplace.
  • The TV must be recessed or protected by a mantel when installed on the wall above the fireplace.
  • It is recommended to double wall the area behind the TV to allow cables and other related material to be installed with less concern of blocking hot air flow. Use non-combustible material for double wall.
  • Please note that electric wiring used for the television must be insulated when installed below non-combustible line. Wires should be inserted to the recess from the top or sides (in order to avoid proximity to the fireplace vent).
  • It is critical that wiring insulation does not obstruct the hot air flow from going to the top part of the chase to be released back to the room. All wires MUST be secured and anchored to the frame to prevent any possibility of wires dropping on top of the Fireplace.

Please note that most television manufactures and manuals will instruct the owner not to install television above or near a fireplace. Mounting a television above the fireplace is based on the owner’s decision and responsibility.

See our manual for further information and guidelines.


Flare TV Mantel Requirements

Changing the Flare Fireplaces linear fireplace remote from Celsius to Fahrenheit can be done by pressing the ON and Counter down button.


For more information on the Flare 6 button remote , please view the remote manual below:

Flare Fireplaces – remote manual 

For a quick video on the remote operation use:

The change in the setting may happen during an attempt to start the fireplace by pressing both buttons.

Flare-FF-50 framing example

The framing guides for each fireplace can be found under download center on the product page.

Metal studs are 2 inches away from the fireplace here. The minimum distance is 1/2 inch away from the fireplace.

Covered wood stud below non combustible line are 2 1/2″ away from the fireplace.

See the manual for more details on clearances.




  • Do not place any type of media on the pilot or in front of the pilot.
  • Keep 1” distance from the pilot to allow correct operation of the pilot.
  • Media can be put over the Flare burner. Avoid from placing media over the main burner ports as it may disrupt flame in case of a clogged port.
  • Keep the pilot front cover view open in order to be able to view the pilot spark and flame from outside.
  • Maintain minimum distance of ¼” from media to the fireplace glass panels.
  • Use the manual for instruction on how to remove and place back the fireplace glass in order to put or arrange the fireplace media.


Duravent framing cutout for 4×6 and 5×8 vents


Duravent & Flare framing cutout 4x6&5x8

Table taken from the Duravent install manual. See more details at duravent.com

See below example for Flare-DC-45 framing based on Flare framing guide

The framing guides for each fireplace can be found under download center on the product page.

Frameless linear double corner fireplace                                                 

Can a Flare linear fireplace be installed 1” from a covered combustible back wall ?


The clearance to covered combustible material is a minimum of 2 1/2”. Covering the combustible material with non-combustible does not reduce the minimal clearance to combustible.

Clearance requirements:

2” to non-combustible

2 1/2” to combustible (and it must be covered)

Example: A non-combustible cement board is placed 2 inches from the back of the fireplace. The cement board used is 1/2 inch thick. Combustible material can be used behind cement board as it is a total of 2 1/2 inches ( 2” + ½” ) away from the back of the fireplace and is covered with a non- combustible.

Covered Combustible Clearances
Please use the Flare install manual for more details

The linear Fireplace side clearance ( no glass side ) is the same as back of the fireplace:

  • 1” to Non-Combustible.
  • 2” to Combustible. Combustible cannot be exposed behind/side of the Fireplace.

If installed in an existing corner, two option to plan and install:

Option 1

  • Cover existing corners, walls and wood studs or any other combustible metrical with Non-Combustible ( Cement board or Type X fire rated , ~ 1/2 ” thick or  ).
  • Install fireplace 2” from Non-Combustible back.
  • in case of a side wall next to the front glass, install Fireplace 4″ from the side.

Back : fireplace is 2” from back Non-Combustible & 2.5” from covered Combustible existing material.

Side : Fireplace is 4″ from Non-Combustible and the fireplace glass is 7″ from the side wall . See chart below . Red line showing reflective heat from the glass .


Best option for corner unit that are installed in an existing homes and a chase is built around it.

Option 2

  • Construct the walls and studs on the back and side of the fireplace from Non-Combustible material. Metal studs and cement board.
  • Clearance of 1” from Metal studs and Non-Combustible material.
  • Any Combustible is covered with Non-Combustible and is 2” away.
  • In case of a side wall , keep fireplace 4″ from the side wall .
  • See chart below:


Any stud above the unit must be metal in both options above.

Please see below for more related information from the framing guide




example_5 Clearance

Flare-FF-50 vent calculation example based on the manual:

Vent path from Survey:

  • 3 ft up from the fireplace

  • 45 elbow

  • 1ft

  • 45 elbow up

  • 15 ft vertical up

  • Vertical cap

Y vertical calculation

A – First Flue length =  3              =  3 ft
B – Vertical Flue length = 1 +15  = 16 ft
C – Roof Terminal = 1                   = 1.5 ft
H – Small Elbow (45°) = 2            =  2 ft

 Y Axis Parameters = 22.5 ft

Flare-FF-50 vent cal

X Horizontal calculation

D – Horizontal Flue length  = 1 ft
E – Elbow (90°)                        =  0
F – Elbow (lying 90°)              =  0
G – Wall Terminal                   =0

X Axis Parameters = 1

Flare-FF-50 vent cal

All Flare Fireplaces (both safety screen and double glass units) require heat releases above the fireplace for warm air to flow back into the room. This is usually close to the top of the wall, but not necessarily at the front. The releases MUST remain open.

Below are few examples of ways to conceal heat releases while adding interesting design features to your room.

Heat Releases

Example of a shadow line:

FF60 shadowline

Example of a drop wall:


See below picture for Flare-FF-50 install and framing example prior to finishing the wall.

In the example below , clearance to metal frame and non-combustible is 2″ . Glass is set 16″ from the floor.


The pebbles size will vary and is approximately 2 – 3 inches .

See below picture for a better perspective of the pebbles.

White Pebble1

White Pebble 2

See below for Flare modern fireplace GV60 gas value, inlet and outlet test ports. All of Flare frameless fireplace share the same gas valve system .


GV60 Ports


Overall port diagram

GV60 port chart

The Flare-DC framing instructions includes a 4″ max measurement requirement to a side wall . The requirement is due to the fact that the side glass will radiate heat like a front glass of a fireplace.

See below chart for clarification . The 4″ Max is the X value

Flare-DC linear install draft
Framing guide example

Yes, it does . The Flare Fireplace uses an advance gas valve, GV60 , that supports home automation .

The GV60 gas valve will operate through an external source, such as a home automation system, by using the 5-wire pin connector on the receiver.

Read more about Flare Fireplaces and Home Automation



Fireplace gas type conversion  – NG to LPG

All Flare Fireplaces can be converted from NG to LPG . Fireplace orders should include the gas type , NG or LPG so no conversion is needed . In case a gas conversion is needs to be done , use the procedure below .

Please note , Flare Fireplace gas type conversation should only be done by authorized technicians  . Contact Flare Fireplaces for details on your unit valve pressure setting ( step 4 ) . Gas convection done by unauthorized technician will void the Flare Fireplace warranty.

Use pictures below and manual for more information. Gas conversion kit should be ordered from Flare Fireplaces prior to starting the procedure.

  • Optional – Lay fireplace on its back to allow easy access to bottom of the unit.
  • Replace burner Orifice .
  • Replace pilot Orifice.
  • Close air shutter.
  • Adjust BTU on the gas valve.

See example below :

Table Example



Linear Fireplace Burner Orifice replacement



Linear modern fireplace pilot orifice replacment


Moden Fireplace Burner Air Shutter



Flare Fireplaces recommends using 3 Ft of vertical run before any bend or turn . In some install scenarios it is possible to use less than 3 Ft.

Please contact Flare Fireplaces support team for vent path review & approval ( free service ) when wanting to use less than 3 Ft.

The outlet vent must be at the top/bottom part of the enclosure but not necessarily at the front ( Can be at the back , sides and top, in case of a drop wall ) , as long as the measurements below are maintained.

For Flare See Through fireplace,open vent must exist in both sides of the glass

From the manual :

Top vent system – Hot Airflow outlet from the wall enclosure MUST remain open. For Flare See Through fireplace,
open vent must exist in both sides of the glass. The outlet must be at the top part of the enclosure but not necessarily
at the front, as long as the measurements below are maintained.

For Fireplace size above 60″ / 150 cm – Vent area above 140 Sq inch
For Fireplace size below 60″ / 150 cm – Vent area above 100 Sq inch

Lower vent opening –  Optional for normal installation. A Must for double glass installation or blower kit option.

For Fireplace size above 60″ / 150 cm – Vent area above 70 Sq inch
For Fireplace size below 60″ / 150 cm – Vent area above 50 Sq Inch

Use the manual for more details:

Warning: Turn off the fireplace, and allow time for the unit to cool before proceeding.

Caution: The ceramic glass is very fragile, and should be handled with care.

Warning: Double glass fireplace should NEVER be operated without the external glass

Step 1 – Remove lower trim by releasing the screws. The number of screws will depend on fireplace size.

Step 2 – Attach glass suction cups to the glass and release the glass upper frame. The upper frame is attached with 10mm spring bolts.

The top glass trim gap will open once bolt is released and will allow the glass to be removed. Upper trim will stay attached and only open to be able to remove external glass.

Step 3 – Tilt the bottom of the window frame and rest it in the gap between the external frame and glass holder.

Step 4- Tilt the top of the window frame and lift out to clear the top edge of the unit. Place the window frame in a safe place to avoid damage.

Repeat the steps above in reverse order to install the external glass back.

YES, the fireplace remote can be used after the unit has been turn on from the wall switch . The fireplace receiver will respond to both , the wall switch or remotes commands regardless of what was used first.


The firebox front legs will need to be assembled during installation but only for corner fireplace models ( Flare-DC , Flare-RC, Flare-LC ). The Corner glass does not allow for the front leg to be pushed in full during shipping. Flare-Front and Flare-See Through will have the telescopic legs assembled during shipping and should not need to be assembled .

The default inside firebox finishes is black metal. It is also optional to get the inside firebox back installed with black ceramic glass (mirror effect). The black ceramics glass reflects the flames and since it is made from ceramic glass it is guaranteed to last. The black glass reflects the flame but does not look like a mirror when the fireplace is off.

The Fireplace is equipped with telescopic legs that can extend . When set to minimum the fireplace will be 3″ from the floor and the bottom of the glass will be 9″ from floor . When set to Max the bottom of the glass will be 18″ from the floor and the leg will be extended 12″.

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