Project Description

  • Verified and Certified For Commercial use

  • Taller Glass For Improved Viewing Angle Of Flames.

  • Standard Double Glass For Safety

  • LED Options

  • Further reduced radiant heat with improved Double Glass design

  • Commercial-grade gas valve

  • Works with indoor/ outdoor applications

  • Optional timer

All units are certified and approved by CSA to be installed in North America,

including in the state of California & Massachusetts.


Flare-FF-45-C45 9/16"41 4/16"16"28"18 10/16"10"-19"4x6"
Flare-FF-50-C52 5/16"47 15/16"16"28"18 10/16"10"-19"5x8"
Flare-FF-60-C62 2/16"57 13/16"16"28"18 10/16"10"-19"5x8"
Flare-FF-70-C72 3/16"67 10/16"16"28"18 10/16"10"-19"5x8"
Flare-FF-80-C84 9/16"80 4/16"16"28"18 10/16"10"-19"5x8"
Flare-FF-100-C101 8/16"97 3/16"16"28"18 10/16"10"-19"5x8"
Flare-FF-45-H-C45 9/16"41 4/16"24"35 14/16"18 10/16"10"-19"4x6"
Flare-FF-50-H-C52 5/16"47 15/16"24"35 14/16"18 10/16"10"-19"5x8"
Flare-FF-60-H-C62 2/16"57 13/16"24"35 14/16"18 10/16"10"-19"5x8"
Flare-FF-70-H-C72 3/16"67 10/16"24"35 14/16"18 10/16"10"-19"5x8"
Flare-FF-80-H-C84 9/16"80 4/16"24"35 14/16"18 10/16"10"-19"5x8"
Flare-FF-100-H-C101 8/16"
97 3/16"24"35 14/16"18 10/16"10"-19"5x8"
Flare-FF-45-EH-C45 9/16"41 4/16"30"41"18 10/16"10"-19"4x6"
Flare-FF-50-EH-C52 5/16"47 15/16"30"41"18 10/16"10"-19"5x8"
Flare-FF-60-EH-C62 2/16"57 13/16"30"41"18 10/16"10"-19"5x8"
Flare-FF-70-EH-C72 3/16"67 10/16"30"41"18 10/16"10"-19"5x8"
Flare-FF-80-EH-C84 9/16"80 4/16"30"41"18 10/16"10"-19"5x8"
Flare-FF-100-EH-C101 8/16"97 3/16"30"41"18 10/16"10"-19"5x8"


Flare-ST-45-C45 13/16"41 4/16"16"28"18 1/16"10"-19"4"x6"
Flare-ST-50-C52 8/16"47 15/16"16"28"18 1/16"10"-19"5"x8"
Flare-ST-60-C62 5/16"57 13/16"16"28"18 1/16"10"-19"5"x8"
Flare-ST-70-C72 3/16"67 10/16"16"28"18 1/16"10"-19"5"x8"
Flare-ST-80-C84 12/16"80 4/16"16"28"18 1/16"10"-19"5"x8"
Flare-ST-100-C101 11/16"97 3/16"16"28"18 1/16"10"-19"5"x8"
Flare-ST-45-H-C45 13/16"41 4/16"24"35 14/16"18 1/16"10"-19"4"x6"
Flare-ST-50-H-C52 8/16"47 15/16"24"35 14/16"18 1/16"10"-19"5"x8"
Flare-ST-60-H-C62 5/16"57 13/16"24"35 14/16"18 1/16"10"-19"5"x8"
Flare-ST-70-H-C72 3/16"67 10/16"24"35 14/16"18 1/16"10"-19"5"x8"
Flare-ST-80-H-C84 12/16"80 4/16"24"35 14/16"18 1/16"10"-19"5"x8"
Flare-ST-100-H-C101 11/16"97 3/16"24"35 14/16"18 1/16"10"-19"5"x8"
Flare-ST-45-EH-C45 13/16"41 4/16"30"41"18 1/16"10"-19"4"x6"
Flare-ST-50-EH-C52 8/16"47 15/16"30"41"18 1/16"10"-19"5"x8"
Flare-ST-60-EH-C62 5/16"57 13/16"30"41"18 1/16"10"-19"5"x8"
Flare-ST-70-EH-C72 3/16"67 10/16"30"41"18 1/16"10"-19"5"x8"
Flare-ST-80-EH-C84 12/16"80 4/16"30"41"18 1/16"10"-19"5"x8"
Flare-ST-100-EH-C101 11/16"97 3/16"30"41"18 1/16"10"-19"5"x8"

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Flare Dimensions & Framing:st

Commercial Front

Commercial See Through

Accessories Charts Files:

Media Options


linear fireplace

Linear Design

The linear gas fireplace is designed to apper longer over the wall projecting rectangular opening. The name “linear fireplace,” is used for the fireplace, because it can be specified by linear foot. For example, Flare 3ft, Flare 4ft or Flare 8ft. When specifying and referring to a linear fireplace, it mostly refers to a rectangular shaped fireplace.

Phone application for modern fireplace

Hand-held Application

Used in conjunction with the Flare remote or wall switch, the Myfire© app makes it possible for users to control multiple fireplaces at the house or business with a hand-held Apple or Android device with colorful, intuitive graphics.

Summer kit horizontal termination

Summer Kit (SK)

The optional Summer Kit (SK) extracts heat from the chase, directing it outside rather than into your home. The inline system of fans allows the fireplace to operate without a significant increase in room temperature and operating the kit is as simple as starting your fireplace.

Home automation for modern fireplace

Home Automation

Modern homes are hard to control. As technology advances, the number of controlled devices increases. The Flare linear modern fireplace presents a way to connect the system to a home automation process in order to control it as part of the house, and not only with a dedicated remote.

linear gas fireplace with a multi-row burner

3D Stainless Steel Burners

Longer, 3D stainless steel, burners (V.S a pipe burner) with deeper taller flame that extends closer to the sides of the fireplace.


High Glass Opening

Taller, 16″ or 24″, ceramic glass opening, Improved viewing angle of the flames.

Flare modern fireplace with broken glass media

Corner Fireplace

Corner and Double Corner frameless slim contemporary fireplace design with glass to glass connection.


Touch Remote

Six button stylish remote with timer, sleep mode, flame height adjustment, programming and temperature control.

Flare Led feature

Multi Color LED Lighting Option

Optional multi color interior RGB LED lighting.Allows perfect flames view across a bed of crushed glass, illuminated by LED under lighting.

Double Glass chart for fireplace

Double Glass

Optional seamless cooled Double Glass for safety without the need of safety screens.



Optional modern touch wall switch

Analog timer for linear frameless fireplace

Optional Timer

Optional timer to turn On/Off the fireplace for commercial and residential applications. Digital or Analog options.

power vent icon

Optional Power Vent

Optional power vent system for all Flare Fireplaces models – 3×5 vent system.

Reflective Back Radiant Ceramic Panel

Power Supply

Optional 110V power adapter for day to day use.

No plug sign

Battery Backup & Electronic Ignition

Heats without power. Designed to operate during a power outage using battery backup. Fuel saving electronic ignition with battery back-up.

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